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Uni-variate data sets are lists of values for the independent and the associated dependent variable.

Codification of types univariate data

The table below presents the labels for the different types of univariate data found in the collection (dark yellow cells to the far right of each row) and the usual field names used in the code. For the labels the independent and the dependent variables are separated by "-". Explanation as in previous section but the optional modifying factors now also include: W, weight; f, scaled functional response.

Data labels Field name Description
t-Wde_V tWdeV time, embryo dry weight (total-yolk)
t-Wde_E tWdeE time, embryo dry weight (yolk)
t-Wde tWde time, embryo dry weight (total)
t-Wwe tWwe time, embryo wet weight
t-Le_fT tLe_fT time, embryo length (several f, T)
t-L_fT tL_fT time, length (several f, T)
t-dL tdL time, change in length
L-dL LdL length, change in length
X-dL_L XdL_L food dens., change in length (several L)
X-dWd_W XdWdW food dens., change in dry w. (several W)
Ww-dWw WwdWw wet weight, change in wet weight
t-Ww_fT tWw_fT time, wet weight (several f, T)
t-Wde_fT tWde_fT time, embryo dry weight (several f, T)
t-Wd_fT tWd_fT time, dry weight (several f, T)
t-M_PLC tMPLC time, mass of protein, lipid, carbohydrate
t-M_DNA tMDNA time, mass of DNA
t-M_RNA tMRNA time, mass of RNA
t-E tE time, energy content
L-Ww_f LWw_f length, wet weight (several f)
L-Wd_f LWd_f length, dry weight (several f)
t-N_LWfT tN_LWfT time, number of eggs (several L, W, f, T)
t-p+ tpheat time, heat production
L-N LN length, number of eggs/offspring
Ww-N WwN wet weight, number of eggs/offspring
Ww-R WwR wet weight, reproduction rate
t-R_f tR_f time, reproduction rate (several f)
t-N tN time, number of offspring
t-F_LWfT tF_LWfT time, filtering rate (several L, W, f, T)
L-F LF length, filtering rate
X-ap Xap food density, age at p
X-am Xam food density, age at death
X-Vp XVp food density, volume at p
X-Vi XVi food density, volume at i
X-Ri XRi food density, reproduction rate at i
X-JX_L XJX_L food density, ingestion rate (several L)
X-JP_L XJP_L food density, feaces production (several L)
X-JC_W XJC_W food density, CO_2-production (several W)
t-JX_LWfT tJX_LWfT time, ingestion rate (several L, W, f, T)
Wd-Wa WdWa dry weight, ash-free dry weight
Ww-JX_T WwJX_T wet weight, ingestion rate (several T)
Wd-JC_T WdJC_T wet weight, CO_2 production (several T)
Ww-JO_T WwJO_T wet weight, O_2 consumption (several X, T)
Ww-JN_T WwJN_T wet weight, NH_3 consumption (several T)
JX-JO_L JXJO_L ingestion rate, O_2 consumption (several L)
t-Vy tVy time, yolk volume
t-JOe_LWfT tJOe_LWfT time, embryo O_2 cons. (several L, W, f, T)
t-JNe tJNe time, embryo NH_3 production
t-JO_LWfT tJO_LWfT time, O_2 consumption (several L, W, f, T)
L-JO_T LJO_T length, O_2 consumption (several T)
Ww-JO_T WwJO_T wet weight, O_2 consumption (several T)
Wd-JO_T WdJO_T dry weight, O_2 consumption (several T)
T-ah Tah temperature, age at hatch
T-ab Tab temperature, age at birth
T-aj Taj temperature, age at metamorphosis
T-dWw TdWw temperature, change in wet weight
T-R TR temperature, reproduction rate
T-JO_fW TJO_fW temperature, O_2 consumption (several f)
T-JN TJN temperature, NH_3 production
t-S_fT tS_fT time, surviving fraction (several f, T)