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AmP estimation

Data and completeness
Parameter estimation
Goodness-of-fit: SMSE / MRE
AmP Literature

Practice - essentials

Starting an estimation for a new species
Setting initial parameter values
Setting weight coefficients
Computing implied properties
Submitting to the collection

Practice - extra modules
Code specification
User-defined files: run, mydata, pars_init, predict
Data: Zero-variate, Univariate, Pseudo-data

Typified models
Estimation options

If you have finished your work on the mydata, pars_init, predict and run files, and checked that the results are reasonable, you can email these files to one of the curators of the AmP collection. They will curate your submission and add it to the collection.

If you have problems with arriving at a satisfactory result, you can ask for help from the curators. Please check that you have added complete references for all data, info on temperatures for all rates, and all other obligatory fields are already appropriately filled.