Importing AmP parameters into R

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AmP estimation

Data and completeness
Parameter estimation
Goodness-of-fit: SMSE / MRE
AmP Literature

Practice - essentials

Starting an estimation for a new species
Setting initial parameter values
Setting weight coefficients
Computing implied properties
Submitting to the collection

Practice - extra modules
Code specification
User-defined files: run, mydata, pars_init, predict
Data: Zero-variate, Univariate, Pseudo-data

Typified models
Estimation options

Background and Motivation

The AmP collection is an important source of energetic and ecological (referenced) data, and implied eco-physiological properties.

The AmP parameters can be exported into Matlab as allStat.mat and visualized easily using AmP tool functions. However, R also offers opportunities for visualizing and exploring parameters.

Here we present two methods for importing AmP parameters into R workspace. One uses web-scraping (with rvest package, but accuracy is limited to the html-printed decimals), and the other works directly with allStat.mat.

Code and example of use

Here you can find the complete documentation, code, and examples of use.