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DEB theory
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  • A systematic account of the theory is given in the book DEB3 (Cambridge Univ Press, 3rd edition 2010), which corrected the errata found in the printed version.
  • The notation document contains the rules for notation that are used, as well as the notation itself.
  • Comments to DEB3 is a collection of developments since 2010 and explanations of parts of the book. It is a document which changes frequently.
  • The summary of concepts presents the meaning the various concepts and their function in the theory. It has no formulae or biological observations and follows the section-structure of DEB3.

Introductory material

DEB publications - Zotero library

  • An increasing number of papers summarizes particular aspects of the theory, formal (axiom-based) and less formal (biology-based), introductory and more advanced, focusing on the standard model and more general, sub- and supra-organismic levels. References and PDFs can be found in the DEB library on Zotero. Becoming a Zotero member is easy (and has no costs), which gives access to all PDFs.

Journal issues on DEB theory

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