Add-my-pet curator workshop II

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The curators were joined by Jan Baas in Raaphorst.


  • Jan Baas
  • Sebastiaan A.L.M. Kooijman
  • Laure Pecquerie
  • Konstadia Lika
  • Gonçalo M. Marques
  • Starrlight Augustine
  • Elke Zimmer



This workshop was supported by the Norwegian Science council in connection with the MARINFORSK project (NFR 255295) "FRamework for integrating Eco-physiological and Ecotoxicological data into marine ecosystem-based management tools".


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Event Location Dates
DEB2017: Practical course & 5th International DEB Symposium Tromsø, Norway 2017/ May/21-30; May/31-Jun/02 Continuation of the DEB Tele-course. The focus of the practical course is mastering the skills involved in the interface between the empirical world and mathematics. The course is followed by the symposium covering advances in research and developments of DEB theory in the context of ecosystem based approaches to managing resources. (Akvaplan-niva AS)
debX micro Online 2017/ May/12-25 A framework for modelling metabolism for microorganisms using the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) Theory is provided in this course.
9th DEB Tele-course 2017 Online 2017/Mar/02 - Apr/06 The tele-course focuses on chapters 1-4 of the DEB-book, which deals with the principles of the theory and with univariate DEB models. (Akvaplan-niva AS)
Add-my-pet curator workshop II Voorschoten, the Netherlands 2017/ Jan/23-27 Developments in AmP/ DEB course and symposium 2017
MEMS Summer School Brest, France 2016/ Aug/29- Sep/02 "Combining Modeling and Experimental Approaches for Marine organisms under Stress".
TKTD summerschool 'DynModTox' 2016 Holbæk, Denmark 2016/ Aug/09-17 Learning the basics of toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic modelling, how they can be linked and how to analyse and interpret body residue and toxicity data on a mechanistic basis. The course follows the same format as in 2014, but with more freedom in the group projects Impressions
Add-my-pet curator workshop I Voorschoten, the Netherlands 2016/ Jun/25- Jul/02 Developments in add-my-pet/ DEB course 2017
Effective Strategic Renewal workshop Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen Denmark 2016/Jun/22 Study of applicability of DEB theory in Economics
Eco(toxi)cology tool for produced water workshop Statoil, Trondheim, Norway 2016/ Mar/03-04 Improving risk assessment for produced water in the Bering Sea using DEB theory
Multispecies parameter estimation workshop LEMAR, Brest, France 2015/ Sep/07-08 Introduction to multispecies DEB parameter estimation
DEB2015 course and Symposium Online and Marseille, France 2015/ Feb/19-Mar/26, Apr/20-30 8th DEB Tele-course (19 Feb - 26 Mar): general theoretical part (5 weeks part-time) in tele-mode (at your working place) Participants.; practical training part (20 Apr - 27 Apr): 7 days in class-room mode in the CIRM (Centre for International Meetings in Mathematics) in campus Luminy, Marseille (France); 4th Symposium on DEB theory (28 Apr - 30 Apr): at campus Luminy, Marseille (France) DEB 2015 is organised conjointly by the CIRM, the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO) and the Institute Pytheas (OSU). These are components of Aix-Marseille University (AMU).
TKTD summerschool 'DynModTox' 2014 Roskilde, Denmark 2016/ Aug/05-13 Focus on (basic) toxicokinetics and toxicodynamic modelling (sub-lethal effects) using DEB theory in the form of the simplified DEBkiss model. Use of OpenModel next to Matlab. Impressions.
DEB2013 course and Symposium Online and Texel, Netherlands 2013/ Feb-Mar, Apr/15-26 7th DEB Tele-course (Feb - Mar): general theoretical part in tele-mode Participants; practical training part (15 Apr - 23 Apr): in class-room mode in the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), Texel (Netherlands). Program. Most participants.; 3rd Symposium on DEB theory (24 Apr - 26 Apr): at NIOZ on Texel, Netherlands.
TKTD summerschool 'DynModTox' 2012 Holbæk, Denmark 2012/ Aug/11-18 Learning the basics of toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic modelling, how they can be linked and how to analyse and interpret body residue and toxicity data on a mechanistic basis. TKTD modelling in general, and GUTS and DEBtox in particular. Impressions
DEB2011 course and Symposium Online and Lisbon, Portugal 2011/ Feb-Mar, Apr/04-15 6th DEB Tele-course (Feb - Mar): general theoretical part in tele-mode. Participants.; practical training part (04 Apr - 12 Apr): in class-room mode at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico Lisboa), Lisbon (Portugal).Most participants.; 2nd Symposium on DEB theory (13 - 15 Apr) at Técnico Lisboa in Lisbon.
DEB2009 course and 1st Symposium Online and Brest, France 2009/ Feb-Mar & Sep-Oct, Apr 5th DEB Tele-course in tele-mode: 12 Feb-19 Mar (5 weeks), plenary introductory program about chap 1-5 of the DEB book, and 17 Sep - 22 Oct (again 5 weeks), advanced parallel program with selected topics related to the various symposium sessions. Practical training part (19 and 23 Apr): course and discussion day in Brest, France; 1st Symposium on DEB theory (19 - 22 Apr) DEB Theory: 30 years of research for metabolic organization.
Previous DEB courses Online 2001-2007 On-line courses on DEB theory were held bi-annualy. You can view some information about the participans of the previous DEB courses here.